Where to Stream 2024’s Best Picture Oscar Nominees

Where to Stream 2024’s Best Picture Oscar Nominees

No matter which movie snatches Best Picture at this year’s Oscars, “Barbenheimer” will still go down as the winner. Last summer’s box office face-off between Christopher Nolan’s historical drama about a troubled male genius and the atomic bomb, and Greta Gerwig’s blockbuster comedy about women working together and neon rollerblades, was one for the ages. Barbie ultimately ended up making more moolah, but soon Oppenheimer will have a chance to get the glory at the 96th Academy Awards.

Whether you want to win your office’s Oscar ballot competition or are just curious to see some of 2023’s best movies, you still have a little time left to watch every major nominee before the Oscars air on March 10. (Check out our guide to streaming the 96th Academy Awards for more details about watching the ceremony live.)

While some movies, like Poor Things and The Zone of Interest, were only in theaters at the beginning of the Oscars race, all of the top contenders are now available to watch at home. Our round-up highlights the subscription streaming services where you can watch these movies, and when that option isn’t available, digital rental or purchase options. Heads up, though, the fragmented state of streaming makes it quite expensive, if you’re trying to see everything.

Here’s where to stream the 2024 Oscar nominees for Best Picture—no IMAX 70mm projector required.

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Oppenheimer is up for the most awards with a total of 13 nods, including Nolan for directing and Cillian Murphy for actor in a leading role. The historical drama focuses on the development of nuclear weapons in the New Mexico desert during World War II. Clocking in with a three-hour run time, Oppenheimer is surprisingly not the longest movie up for Best Picture—that honor goes to Killers of the Flower Moon—but it is the most likely to walk away with at least one trophy.

Poor Things

Directed by Yorgos Lanthimos, Poor Things is a peculiar reimagining of the classic novel Frankenstein. The movie received a total of 11 nominations, including Emma Stone for Best Actress and Mark Ruffalo for Supporting Actor.


While Barbie is up for eight awards, the bigger discourse online is about who didn’t receive a nomination for their involvement with the movie: Margot Robbie. The actor, who also served as a producer on the film, was not nominated for her portrayal of the iconic plastic doll. Gerwig also was not nominated for directing. Despite the lack of recognition in certain categories, nothing can discount the fact that Barbie grossed over $1 billion worldwide and remains the biggest theatrical success of last year.

Killers of the Flower Moon

Directed by Martin Scorsese, Killers of the Flower Moon centers on the tragic murder of members of the Osage Nation in Oklahoma in the 1920s. Lily Gladstone’s nomination for lead actress is one of the very few times that the Academy has recognized the work of Native Americans. The film also garnered Scorsese his 10th nod for directing. Now that Killers of the Flower Moon is available to stream at home, you’re free to stop for as many intermissions as your heart desires.

The Zone of Interest

Adapted from a 2014 novel by Martin Amis, The Zone of Interest is a chilling drama about a Nazi family who lives alongside the perimeter of Auschwitz, a concentration camp, during World War II. The movie won Outstanding British Film at the 2024 BAFTA Awards.

Past Lives

In addition to Best Picture, Past Lives is also nominated for its screenplay written by Celine Song, who directed the romantic drama. Anchored by Greta Lee’s subtle performance in the lead role, Past Lives chronicles the tension between two people who used to be romantically involved and are reuniting after years apart.

The Holdovers

Almost two decades after his last nomination for a role in Cinderella Man, Paul Giamatti is once again nominated for Best Actor for his performance in The Holdovers. In the film, Giamatti plays a boarding school teacher who bonds with students and staff as they’re all stuck together over winter break.

Anatomy of a Fall

Anatomy of a Fall is a French drama about a woman on trial after her husband mysteriously falls to his death. Sandra Hüller is nominated for her leading role in the film. She stars in The Zone of Interest as well. Justine Triet, who directed and cowrote Anatomy of a Fall, is the only woman nominated for Best Director at this year’s Oscars.

American Fiction

Based on Percival Everett’s 2011 novel Erasure, and directed by Watchmen alum Cord Jefferson, American Fiction is a satirical movie about navigating race, modern publishing, and interpersonal relationships. The movie is nominated for five awards in total, including Jeffrey Wright for his leading performance.


Maestro is up for seven awards, including nods to Bradley Cooper and Carey Mulligan for their leading performances. This movie about the complicated life of conductor Leonard Bernstein was directed and cowritten by Cooper.


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