The Thundercats Movie Gets an Encouraging Update

The Thundercats Movie Gets an Encouraging Update

Work continues on a Thundercats movie.

Work continues on a Thundercats movie.
Image: Warner Bros.

Every big director in Hollywood knows to line up a few potential projects for the future and Adam Wingard has some of the coolest. His latest film, Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire, will hit theaters later this month, and in addition, he’s attached to not just a sequel to John Woo’s Face/Off but a long-awaited big-screen adaptation of the 1980s cartoon series, Thundercats. Among others.

Speaking to io9 about Godzilla x Kong, Wingard revealed the latest on both high profile projects and, in terms of Thundercats at least, it’s very encouraging. “Simon [Barrett] and I are still actively working on the script,” Wingard said. “We finished our last draft basically right when I was going into production on this movie and we just had to put everything on hold. [But] right now we’re actively working on it again. So whether that means that’s the next thing I do or [not], I’m not sure. But it’s definitely one of the top priorities I have right now in terms of working on a script.”

Just “one of” the top priorities? Yes, there’s more, though the update on Face/Off isn’t quite as exciting. “Almost in the middle of production [on Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire], we were finishing our draft of the script and because both of us were too busy working on other things there was a plan to do a rewrite, and we picked a writer to work on it,” Wingard said. “And then the writers’ strike happened so that delayed things. Right now that’s still inactive, so I think the plan with that one will be that writer will continue working, and whenever that draft is done, Simon and I will get it back and we’ll take another crack at it.”

So while we don’t know for certain what’s next for Wingard, Thundercats seems more likely at the moment than Face/Off. But, you can see his latest work, Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire, in theaters March 29. We’ll have much more on that movie, and Wingard, soon.

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