The NTSB investigates Alaska Airlines Flight 1282 after a "door plug" blew off during a flight in January.

The NTSB investigates Alaska Airlines Flight 1282 after a “door plug” blew off during a flight in January.
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The world got an uncomfortable reminder about the need to scrutinize air travel last January when a door plug blew off an Alaska Airlines flight 16,000 feet over Portland, OR. The culprit was a Boeing 737, and in the days that followed, it was soon clear that catastrophic failure wasn’t a freak accident but the result of systemic problems. Worse, that ill-fated flight was just the beginning of a disturbing news cycle for the airline manufacturer.

Boeing is no stranger to safety issues, but the first few months of 2024 saw an almost weekly deluge of bad news about the aerospace giant. It’s enough that a growing number of would-be travelers are jumping on social media to say they won’t be flying in a Boeing plane.

“Based on the FAA audit, our quality stand downs and the recent expert panel report, we continue to implement immediate changes and develop a comprehensive action plan to strengthen safety and quality, and build the confidence of our customers and their passengers,” said Boeing spokesperson Connor Greenwood. “We are squarely focused on taking significant, demonstrated action with transparency at every turn.” Greenwood shared a link to a website with details from Boeing about the door plug incident.

It’s a story with alleged safety cutbacks, hospitalized passengers, regulatory failure, and even a dead whistleblower. Click through the slideshow above for 10 unsettling examples that have people scared to fly Boeing.

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