The Oscars Belonged to Minus One’s Tiny, Golden Godzilla

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Photo: Mike Coppola (Getty Images)

The Oscars award ceremony is a night for the stars of Hollywood to gather together and celebrate cinema, while also looking incredibly glamorous is lavishly expensive and immaculately presented couture. And yet no one at last nights awards—no one—could beat the hottest look of the night: a soft vinyl monster toy spray painted gold and given a lil’ bowtie.

The Godzilla Minus One team—sorry, the Academy-Award-winning Godzilla Minus One team—have have the time of their lives this awards season carting around a small toy replica of the movie’s titanic star with them. But they saved the best outing for Godzilla’s biggest night in 70 years of filmmaking at the 2024 Oscars, where Minus One’ VFX team (director Takashi Yamazaki, alongside Kiyoko Shibuya, Masaki Takahashi, and Tatsuji Nojima) brought a quartet of Godzilla figurines with them as a key part of their evening attire.

Not only did the team have co-ordinated Godzilla toys—Shibuya’s a variant featuring Godzilla glowing blue with energy as he prepares to fire an atomic blast, and Yamazaki’s being glitzed out in gold with a custom bowtie attached—they also rocked the the theming with their footwear, with each member of the party rocking Minus One-themed shoes that featured Godzilla’s claws as part of the heel design. Not only did they make history last night, securing the Godzilla franchise’s first-ever Oscar win, they looked stylish as hell doing it.