The Coolest Items on Sale From Anthony Daniels’ Star Wars Collection, From Heads to Cookies

Anthony Daniels with C-3PO

Anthony Daniels poses with C-3PO at a Japanese Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker fan event on December 11, 2019.
Photo: Christopher Jue/Getty Images for Disney (Getty Images)

There are Star Wars collections—and then there are collections from people who are Star Wars. A very rare trove of franchise memorabilia is now up for sale at Los Angeles auction house called Propstore, and it’s direct from the collection of Anthony Daniels, who played C-3PO for over 40 years.

Speaking to the Hollywood Reporter, Daniels admitted he felt some hesitation about parting with certain items, especially C-3PO’s gleaming head. “I have lived with these items for 50 years some of them, and I have very mixed feelings [about letting them go],” he told the trade. Ultimately, though, the urge to purge—and to share his legacy with Star Wars fans far and wide—won out. “I had all this stuff, almost all of it was in cupboards, drawers, and in attics. Nobody was looking at it, nobody was treasuring it, if you will. And it was too good to throw away.” And apparently, this is his entire collection, aside from two items: “a statue from Lucasfilm congratulating him for 40 years of service” and “an 18-inch C-3PO statue made out of Legos.”

We’ve looked through the Propstore catalog and selected 10 items to highlight, both for their Star Wars value and sheer nostalgia power—and a few head-scratchers that stood out. If you’re interested in bidding, all the details and many more lots can be found on Propstore’s website. Most are on the block through March 12-14; on every slide, we’ve linked to the individual pages for each item.