Tesla Powerwall 3 Is Now Available: Here’s How to Get Yours

The much-anticipated Tesla Powerwall 3 is now available in the continental US. Don’t worry, Puerto Rico and Hawaii: The Tesla Powerwall 3 is coming your way later this year. Originally making its debut at the RE+ trade show in 2023 with minimal details, it’s no surprise the Tesla Powerwall 3 became available seemingly overnight. 

Tesla sets the standard for battery storage as Powerwalls accounted for half of home battery installations last year. The Tesla Powerwall 2 has held the crown as the best overall on our solar batteries list. So how does the latest addition measure up?

Tesla Powerwall 2 vs. Tesla Powerwall 3

Tesla says the Powerwall 3 is “designed to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy.” While both designs aim to provide a simple installation process and solar panel system compatibility, the Tesla Powerwall 3 design packs more of a punch. Powerwall 3 is able to start up larger appliances than its predecessor, so you might not need as many batteries to backup your home. Its increased power capacity and whole-home battery storage can better support grid reliability during periods of high demand, such as high summer temperatures. 

In contrast, the Powerwall 2 is best for partial backup or light commercial use. If you wanted to cover your entire home’s energy usage with the Powerwall 2 model, you’d likely need to purchase more than one unit. 

Both systems effectively support renewable energy consumption and reduce carbon emissions when paired with solar panels. In some states, like California, your utility rate might encourage battery adoption. If you don’t have rooftop solar, you can still use battery backup to power your home during an outage and reduce energy bills. 

What’s the Tesla Powerwall 3 price?

If you order directly through Tesla’s website, you can expect to pay at least $8,400 for one unit before additional taxes and installation fees. The cost of taxes depends on your location, and installation fees vary by installer. 

Tesla used to provide a breakdown of cost including estimated taxes and installation costs. Now you get only the cost of the battery before providing more personal information. Waiting for a company to contact you with a price isn’t ideal (though common in the industry), so hopefully this feature will change. I went through those steps and, within a minute, received an email notification that a Tesla Certified Installer will reach out with price information and how to complete my Powerwall order. Contact from an installer isn’t instant.

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You can save money on a Tesla Powerwall 3 by applying the 30% federal solar tax credit. This one incentive reduces the total of one unit to $5,880. There may be additional rebates or incentives in your state to further offset the cost. 

If you buy more than one Powerwall, Tesla offers a discount. You can connect up to four total units.

Number of units Price Price after federal tax credit
1 $8,400 $5,880
2 $15,700 $10,990
3 $23,000 $16,100
4 $30,300 $21,210

Things to consider

While Tesla is a top solar battery company, consider the following before buying the Tesla Powerwall 3.

  • Compatibility: The Tesla Powerwall 3 isn’t compatible with the Powerwall 2. If you already have previous Powerwall models and want to add capacity, you must install a Powerwall 2. 
  • Location: If you live in California and are under NEM 2.0, adding the Tesla Powerwall 3 to your current solar system is considered changing the design and you will need to enroll in NEM 3.0. 

Tesla Powerwall 3 battery specs

Energy capacity 13.5 kWh
Max continuous discharge power 11.5 kW
Max continuous charge power 5 kW
Load start capability 185 amps
Scalability Up to four units
Warranty 10 years

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