Stearns & Foster Mattress Review | Reasons to Buy/NOT Buy (2023)

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Stearns & Foster

Score Breakdown

Performance 8.3Support 10Return Policy 4Pressure Relief 6Features 9

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$2,249 at Stearns & Foster


  • Premium hybrid mattresses

  • Multiple firmness options

  • Available with or without a fluffy pillow top

  • Suitable for all body types and sleeping positions

Don’t like

  • Too expensive for budget shoppers

Product details

  • Type

    Hybrid mattress

  • Firmness


  • Trial

    90 nights

  • Warranty

    10-year warranty

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Stearns & Foster is an industry staple and luxury mattress brand that’s up there with the likes of Tempur-Pedic and Beautyrest. The brand has 125 years of experience creating luxury textiles, and became even more of a powerhouse when it merged with well-known bedding brand Sealy in the early ’90s. It offers four different mattress collections, each more premium than the last. 

This Stearns & Foster mattress review will provide a broad overview of the brand’s product catalog, which kinds of sleepers I think each bed would be best for, and whether these beds are really worth the money. I’ve personally tested over 150 beds, and I can tell the difference between a good value and an overhyped mattress. 


Stearns & Foster

What types of mattresses does Stearns & Foster offer?

Here’s an overview of Stearns & Foster’s five mattresses to get us started. We’ll start with their most affordable bed and work our way up. 

Stearns & Foster mattresses can be purchased online, or you can use a store locator to find local retailers that offer the mattress you’re looking for. 

an overview of the Stearns and Foster Estate Hurston mattress in a king size

Stearns & Foster


The Studio mattress is the latest addition to the Stearns & Foster lineup. It’s the most affordable mattress from the brand, but it still has a really luxurious look. This hybrid mattress features ventilated coils, memory foam layers and a textured cover. It’s available in two firmness profiles: medium and a pillow-top medium that will be slightly softer. 


From the bold blue sides to the textured cover, the Estate mattress just looks like a high-quality bed. It’s a hybrid mattress that offers superior support for any body type, and it comes in two different firmness options that should appeal to a wide range of sleeping positions. It’s also available in a firm or soft pillow-top profile.

A look at the Lux Estate Cassatt mattress in Luxury Plush from Stearns & Foster

Stearns & Foster

Lux Estate

The Lux Estate mattress features memory foam designed by the experts at TempurPedic. Available in a standard medium firmness, you can also choose between three pillow tops to add fluffy comfort. Its hybrid construction should appeal to all body types, from petite to plus-size. It also has a cooling cover that hot sleepers will favor. 

The Lux Estate Hybrid Mattress Pollock from Stearns & Foster in a queen

Stearns & Foster

Lux Hybrid

The Lux Hybrid mattress from Stearns & Foster features TempurPedic memory foam, durable coils and a cooling cover. It also has an IntelliFlex™ Hybrid System that gives it a boost in support. It’s available in soft, medium and firm with no pillow-top options.

The premium Reserve Hepburn mattress from Stearns & Foster

Stearns & Foster


The most premium mattress in the Stearns & Foster catalog is the Reserve. I’ll be honest: I couldn’t tell a huge difference between the Reserve and the Lux Hybrid. It has a pillow-top option and an IntelliCoil Micro HD layer, as opposed to the standard IntelliCoil Micro layer found in the Hybrid. It sits on the top of the mattress in between two pieces of foam and has an air vent for more breathability. 

Stearns & Foster mattress feel and firmness 

How firm are Stearns & Foster mattresses?

If there’s one thing Stearns & Foster gives you, it’s choice — and lots of it. (Maybe even an overwhelming amount.) The good thing is, you can find something to fit any sleeping position. Here are the firmness options offered in the brand’s catalog:

  • Ultra Plush: Offered with the Lux Hybrid, ultra-plush models are around a medium to medium-soft, or a 4 out of 10 on the firmness scale. 
  • Plush: Every Stearns & Foster mattress is offered in this firmness level, and I’d rate it around a medium, or a 5 out of 10 on the firmness scale. 
  • Cushion Firm: Sitting in the middle of medium to medium firm, or a 6 on the firmness scale, you can get this firmness with the Estate or Lux Estate. 
  • Firm: I’d rate this around medium-firm, or a 7 on the firmness scale. All beds except the Lux Estate Hybrid offer this firmness profile. 
  • Ultra Firm: This is the firmest profile you can get, and it lands around a 9 to 10 on the firmness scale. If you want your bed almost as firm as the ground, opt for the Estate or Lux Hybrid. 

What do Stearns & Foster mattresses feel like? 

The exact feel of a Stearns & Foster mattress will differ from model to model. Here’s an overview of the different types of mattresses and how they will feel once you snuggle up. 

  • Pillow top: If you get your Stearns & Foster mattress with a pillow top, it’ll feel like a durable innerspring mattress with thick, plush, supportive pillows on top. You get pressure relief, support and comfort wrapped up in one. 
  • Indulge memory foam HD: The beds that incorporate the brand’s HD memory foam, including Lux Estate, Lux Estate Hybrid and Reserve, will give you a slight memory foam feel thanks to the foam’s density. However, the other foams, and a pillow top especially, help neutralize it so you don’t get that “stuck” feeling. 

Stearns & Foster mattress construction 

Here’s a simple breakdown of the materials you can find inside each mattress, plus the heights you can choose from. For each mattress type, note that the height is dependent on the firmness level you choose.


The materials inside the Studio include: 

  • TENCEL® cover
  • Foam comfort layers
  • Responsive innerspring system
  • PrecisionEdge and AirVent


The materials inside the Estate include:

  • Premium gel foam
  • Premium gel memory foam
  • IntelliCoil support layer
  • PrecisionEdge and AirVent

The height ranges from 14 inches to 14.5 inches.

Lux Estate 

The materials inside the Lux Estate Cassatt include:

  • Premium gel foam
  • Indulge memory foam
  • IntelliCoil HD
  • PrecisionEdge and AirVent

The height ranges from 13.5 inches to 16 inches.

Lux Hybrid

The materials inside the Lux Estate Hybrid Pollock include:

  • Premium gel memory foam
  • Indulge HD memory foam
  • Indulge memory foam
  • IntelliCoil Micro and AirVent
  • IntelliCoil HD
  • PrecisionEdge and AirVent

The height ranges from 15 inches to 16 inches.


The materials inside the Reserve Hepburn include:

  • Indulge memory foam
  • IntelliCoil Micro HD and AirVent
  • Indulge HD memory foam
  • Premium gel foam
  • IntelliCoil HD
  • PrecisionEdge and AirVent

The height ranges from 15 inches to 16 inches. 

Edge support

These mattresses are all hybrids and designed with PrecisionEdge, meaning there are extra reinforcements along the sides of the mattresses to ensure they stay strong, supportive and sturdy. If you’re looking for a bed with great edge support because you sleep with a partner or large furry friend, you can’t go wrong with any of these mattresses. 

Motion isolation

Unless you buy an innerspring mattress or a hybrid mattress with a thin comfort layer, most beds these days are decent at isolating motion. Hybrid mattresses typically aren’t as good as foam beds, but the beds in this catalog perform better than most hybrids (with the exception of the Reserve and Lux Hybrid due to their dual-coil layers). The ones that stood out the most were the pillow-top beds, which were great at deadening movement across the bed. 


None of the mattresses in the Stearns & Foster catalog can be considered cooling beds, but they don’t sleep hot, either. With the combination of gel foam, coils and air vents, you’ll get a temperature-neutral sleeping experience. In this case, your body temperature will depend on the pajamas you wear, the temperature where you live and how high you blast your AC or heat. 

Who are these beds best for?

Thanks to the options Stearns & Foster mattresses offer, they appeal to all sleeping positions and body types. 


To find the best Stearns & Foster mattress for you, think about your primary sleeping position. 

I think side sleepers will like the ultra plush and plush models because they offer the most pressure relief for your hips and shoulders, especially the ultra-plush model. Combination sleepers will probably like the plush model best because it has a middle-of-the-road firmness level that accommodates any position. 

Back and stomach sleepers have several firmness options to pick from: 

  • Plush offers a solid balance between support and pressure relief.
  • Cushion firm is a sweet spot between medium and medium-firm for sleepers who want more support than pressure relief. 
  • Firm is a medium-firm that suits people who suffer from back pain. It keeps your back in proper alignment with your neck and prevents your lower back from sinking, and there’s still some pressure relief.
  • Ultra firm is for heavier back and stomach sleepers or those who want maximum support from their mattress. 

Body type

Hybrid mattresses are ideal for any body type, and people under 250 pounds would be comfortable on almost any Stearns & Foster mattress. 

The Reserve and Lux Estate models might be overkill for people under 150 pounds because of the two coil layers. Petite body types don’t need all that extra support, and it may not be the most comfortable. 

Heavier individuals will be comfortable on any of the mattresses because they all have hybrid constructions and offer ample support. That said, the Lux Estate offers two layers of coils that provide even more durability and support if that’s what you’re looking for. The Reserve model does also, but I don’t think it’s different enough from the Lux Estate to be worth the extra $1,000.

Stearns & Foster mattress price comparison 

These beds are premium, luxury mattresses and their prices reflect that. If you’re on a budget, there are plenty of other great mattress options for under $1,000. The most affordable Stearns & Foster model is the Estate Hurston, and it’s still more expensive than your average mattress (especially online), while the Reserve is one of the priciest beds I’ve come across. 

Stearns & Foster mattresses are some of the most expensive on the market. The company does run big promotions on holidays including Independence Day, Memorial Day and Black Friday. In the meantime, many other mattress brands are offering big deals leading up to the upcoming Presidents Day holiday. 

Here are all the bed’s prices according to US Mattress. 

Mattress Twin XL Full Queen King Cal king Split king
Studio $1,699 $1,749 $1,799 $2,399 $2,399 $3,398
Estate $2,299 $2,349 $2,399 $2,999 $2,999 $4,598
Lux Estate $2,899 NA $2,999 $3,599 $3.599 $5,798
Lux Hybrid $3,199 NA $3,299 $3,899 $3,899 $6,398
Reserve $4,499 NA $4,599 $5,199 $5,199 $8,998

You can expect discounts, primarily on the more deluxe models, but you’ll still be looking at luxury mattress prices even with promos applied.

Trial, shipping, warranty

Like many mattress brands, you get a few perks if you buy a Stearns & Foster mattress from the brand or other online retailers:

  • Free white-glove delivery (the delivery service will set up your mattress in-home for you)
  • 90-night risk-free trial
  • 10-year warranty on manufacturer defects

The final verdict on Stearns & Foster mattresses

Not only are you paying for the high-end Stearns & Foster name, but you’re paying for high-quality designs and materials. The company takes its time crafting premium beds, and it’s had years of experience getting it right. These mattresses won’t be for everyone, but if you want to invest in your sleep with a top-of-the-line bed, you should find these mattresses strong contenders.

How does Stearns & Foster compare to other mattresses? 

Stearns & Foster vs. Tempur-Pedic

Tempur-Pedic is a household name because, like Stearns & Foster, it’s an industry veteran with decades of experience making luxury mattresses. The primary difference between Tempur-Pedic and Stearns & Foster is feel. With Tempur-Pedic, you get a dense, slow-responding memory foam feel that slowly morphs around your curves under the weight of your body. 

Stearns & Foster mattresses will feel more neutral and bouncy, especially pillow-top models, which feel lighter and airier. 

Keep in mind, though: You’re still looking at premium prices with Tempur-Pedic. 

Stearns & Foster vs. Saatva 

Saatva is an online mattress brand that competes with the likes of Casper, Purple and other direct-to-consumer brands that focus their efforts in online retailing. The Saatva Classic mattress is similar to the pillow-top Stearns and Foster mattresses like the Lux Estate and Lux Estate Hybrid. 

The Saatva Classic has dual-coil layers and a fluffy pillow top made with organic cotton to add a more plush feel, although it features a design for added lumbar support. The biggest difference is that the Saatva Classic is more affordable than most of Stearns & Foster’s mattresses, excluding the Estate Hurston. 

Stearns & Foster mattress FAQs

Is Stearns & Foster a luxury brand?

Yes, Stearns & Foster is a luxury brand. By definition, a luxury mattress brand uses the highest quality of materials for optimal comfort. Due to the use of these materials, luxury mattress brands are usually more expensive. Stearns & Foster is no exception.  

What mattress is equivalent to Stearns & Foster?

There are a few other luxury brands that offer similar mattresses to Stearns & Foster. Helix, Sleep Number, Tempur-Pedic, DreamCloud and WinkBeds are some other luxury brands that have premium, comfortable, durable beds. 

Is Stearns and Foster the same as Sealy?

While Stearns & Foster and Sealy are both part of the Tempur-Sealy corporation, each company offers unique mattresses. Stearns & Foster is a luxury brand that offers premium mattresses, and Sealy is for more budget-conscious shoppers.  

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