Solo Stove’s Excellent Pizza Oven Is on Sale for Pi Day

Solo Stove’s Excellent Pizza Oven Is on Sale for Pi Day

Happy Pi Day! Solo Stove is celebrating with up to $160 off sitewide when you use coupon code PIZZA during checkout. The company’s pizza ovens are on sale, but so are some great smokeless firepits and other accessories. We’ve rounded up our favorite deals below. The sale is scheduled to end on March 18, so you have some time to take advantage of the discounts.

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Pi Day Deals

Solo Stove Pi

Photograph: Solo Stove

The Solo Stove Pi (8/10, WIRED Recommends) is our favorite pizza oven. This bundle includes three extra accessories—a pizza peel, a cutter, and a thermometer—yet the price ends up the same as the oven alone thanks to the coupon code. The design is compact, with a large cooking surface and a nice flat top for extra cooking space (and storage). We think it works best with a good cast-iron pan, especially since the handle will stick out to minimize burn risk. This oven is pricey, so this sale makes a good opportunity to snag one for less money. You can also opt for the wood-burning model with no gas attachments for less.

The Solo Stove Yukon (7/10, WIRED Review) is awesome, but not portable at 27 inches. It’s gorgeous and made from stainless steel, plus it burns hot and lights easily. Sure, you can build a firepit for far less money, but if you want to invest in your backyard, this firepit is a gorgeous way to do it.

This is one of the best deals we’ve tracked for the Bonfire. It’s similar to the Yukon but with a much smaller diameter, which makes it easier to tote around to the beach or (safely) in the woods. It’s durable and the fire burns hot without all that gross smoke blowing around your camp chairs.


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