Snag This Microsoft 2019 Bundle for Just $80

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The Microsoft ecosystem is one of the first and most widespread ecosystems used for home, work, and pretty much anything you can think of. Luckily, you can grab a whole bundle that includes Windows 11 Pro , Office Professional Plus 2019, Visio 2019 Professional, and Project 2019 Professional, all for the price of just $80. That’s down from the eye-watering $928, but you do have to use the code ENJOY20 to get the total discount. These are one-time subscriptions, so there’s no paying of a monthly fee or anything.

While most people are know their way around the Microsoft Office suite of apps, you may not be as familiar with Visio and Project, both of which are handy tools. Visio is all about diagraming, and it gives you great tools and templates to turn large or complex data sets into things like flowcharts or hierarchy trees. As for Project, it’s useful for staying on top of a project in terms of tasks, scheduling, budgets and resources. It’s a super-powerful task tracker that can be used for projects great or small.

As for Windows 11 Pro, it adds a lot of extra features to the standard home version and is great if you recently grabbed a laptop deal and want to upgrade the OS to something better or if you’re building a PC from scratch. And having a recent version of Office included allows you to avoid paying monthly for Microsoft 365 which can get pricey over time. Even if you don’t have current use cases for all of the software in this bundle just yet, you’re paying less for the collection than you would for some of the individual items alone, so it definitely makes sense to go for the bundle if one or two of the pieces meet your needs right now. 

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