Saw Blades for Wheels — What Could Go Wrong?

saw blade wheels on a dirt bike(Photo/Screenshot from @cboystv Instagram)

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Whether it be exhaust, suspension, or colorful “farkles,” motorsports has an unlimited vehicle modification pipeline. But no modification is directly aimed at making an already risky endeavor more so. Until now.

I present the dirt bike and quad “buzz saw kit.” This simple modification improves traction and control over specific terrain (like frozen lakes) and drastically improves motivation to maintain correct riding techniques to avoid crashes. It also clears trails quickly while providing firewood. Finally, the acoustic output can be music to the ears of motoheads everywhere.

But we have so many questions. Will riding laps on a frozen lake cut a hole, sinking the course? Can you crawl up nearly vertical trees? What would happen if we rode on a golf course (imagine cutting the greens)? Does it work on the beach, or do you just sink? What happens during a race start, do you just dig a trench?

Imagine a motocross race with a buzzsaw kit on every bike. Forty competitors are gunning for the first turn. There is the inevitable pileup. Can you visualize the consequences? “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” movie would look tame. I guess we could wear chain mail.

I do applaud these riders for the efforts aimed at only one thing: pure fun. Meanwhile, I’m going to my shop to see if I can cobble together my own buzz saw kit. I have so many cedars to clear off my property, and this seems like a fun way to do it.