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Rivian unveiled its new R2 mid-size SUV to much fanfare this week, which it says should start around $45,000 when it reaches customers in 2026. About the size of a Toyota 4Runner, the Rivian is actually cheaper than most versions of that gasoline-powered 4×4. Some versions of the R2 will also be faster than Rivian’s flagship R1T pickup and R1S SUV.

As an additional surprise, Rivian also rolled out two unexpected new models—the R3 and R3X. All three vehicles are built on a new mid-size platform, and share two available battery packs, the largest of which will be good for ranges exceeding 300 miles.

The R2 looks a lot like its larger siblings, crossed with a modern Land Rover. (Photo: Rivian)

The R2 will be available with both that choice of battery packs, and single-, dual-, or tri-motor configurations. That last version will be the fastest, springing from zero to 60 miles per hour in under three seconds, a couple tenths of a second faster than the $82,000 R1T. Dual and tri-motor versions will feature all-wheel drive.

32-inch tires will give the R2 a 25 degree approach and 27-degree departure angle. While the 115-inch wheelbase is fully six inches longer than that of a 4Runner and result in a lower breakover angle than that vehicle as a result, off-road abilities between the Toyota and base 4Runner’s should be proximate.

Car campers rejoice: there will be room to sleep inside the R2. (Photo: Rivian)

This far ahead of production, while development of the R2 is still likely a long ways from being finished, other details are few and far between. Rivian says some fast chargers will be capable of taking the R2 from 10 to 80 percent charge in under 30 minutes, but it’s unclear if that’s true of the larger, 300-mile pack. Rivian also says self-driving abilities will be increased on this new model thanks to 11 cameras, five radars, and more computing power, but isn’t saying to what level that will take the technology.

Two things the company does want to highlight are the stunning looks (the R3X, in particular, is a striking vehicle), and spacious interiors. All the passenger windows on the R2 will retract fully into the doors, and like a 4Runner, the glass in the rear hatch will also lower out of the way. A novel feature will be the rear quarter glass, which hinges open to take ventilation even further.

Rivian R2
Now that’s a handsome vehicle. The R3X is the high-performance version of the R3, presumably equipped with three motors and the larger battery pack. (Photo: Rivian)

Rivian says rear seat leg room in all three vehicles will be ample, rear seats will fold totally flat to maximize cargo space, and there will also be a frunk (front-trunk) to take storage even further.

Rivian is now taking $100 deposits for the R2, and says the R3 and R3X will enter production some time after that SUV begins reaching customers.

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