My Adventures With Superman Will Fly to Comics in June

Superman & Lois in the cover for My Adventures with Superman #1.

Image: DC Comics

Adult Swim’s My Adventures with Superman was a pleasant surprise when dropped in last year, and one of DC’s best animated outings in some time. Audiences really seemed to get on board with the romcom antics of Superman and Lois Lane, and DC’s taking advantage of that momentum by giving it its own comic miniseries.

Revealed earlier in the week, the similarly titled comic will be set after the finale of season one and the premiere of the eventual second season. Written by show co-creator Josie Campbell and drawn by Pablo Moreno Collar (Rogues), the comic sees Clark, Lois, and Jimmy in Metropolis during the holidays investigating a sewer creature able to absorb whatever it touches. Per Campbell, the story was something originally planned for season one, but had to be cut for time. Still, Campbell—who previously wrote The New Shazam for DC, along with several Wonder Woman issues and tie-ins to events like Knight Terrors and Lazarus Planet—said the comic would have the same qualities of the show.

“Being the producer of My Adventures with Superman and bringing Clark Kent to TV screens around the world has been nothing but a dream come true for me,” she wrote. “So I’m absolutely thrilled that Pablo and I get to bring fans even more adventures with Superman, this time in comic book form! Get ready for romance, comedy, super-powers, Jimmy Olsen talking a lot about how he’s super-rich now, and all the goodness of the show bundled into this action-packed miniseries.”

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Image: DC Comics

“I was completely in love with Adventures the minute I saw the announcement of the series,” added Collar, “and I jumped at the chance to work with Josie on the comic. Superman has always been the reference and the symbol of all that’s good in us, and being part of something like this is a dream come true, and the whole team will give it our best.”

My Adventures with Superman (the comic) debuts with its first issue on June 4. As for season two of the show? No ETA at time of writing, but its first season is still over on Max.

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