Just Look at the Gorgeous Galactic Art of Star Wars: Unlimited

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Image: Fantasy Flight Games

Star Wars has a long history in the realm of card games, and its latest foray, Unlimited, marks the first time in a while that the franchise has delved into a pure collectible card game system. But one other thing that makes it stand out: its unique, artful take on every era of Star Wars media.

Unlimited is developed by Fantasy Flight Games and Asmodee—the home of many of Star Wars’ current explosions onto the tabletop scene in the last few years, including skirmish games like Legion and Shatterpoint, and spacebound miniatures games like X-Wing and Armada to TTRPGs. But aside from the fact that it’s Star Wars’ first crack at the CCG format since Fantasy Flight’s own living card game wrapped up in 2018, what makes Unlimited really stand out is its approach to art.

Instead of using either archival images from the films and shows, or creating new artwork under a unified artstyle, Unlimited’s first set, Sparks of Rebellion, operates like many other traditional CCGs in the space by giving a wide variety of artists free rein to create stylized art for the over 200 cards in the set. There’s a mix of cartoony and realistic, but it’s all evocative and bold in its interpretation of Star Wars’ vehicles, characters, and locales. Click through to see just some of the cool cards releasing today—and their awesome art!