Is the Tesla Cybertruck Bulletproof? This YouTuber Put It to the Test

Is the Tesla Cybertruck Bulletproof? This YouTuber Put It to the Test

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Have you ever participated in one of those fundraisers where you pay $5 to use a sledgehammer on a junk car?

I remember shattering a headlight when I did exactly that for some fraternity fundraiser during college. So as I watched a YouTuber shoot various firearms at a $100,000 Tesla Cybertruck, I couldn’t help wondering: How much would people pay to try this?

Probably a lot — but at least we can watch someone else do it for free. The YouTuber in question, JerryRigEverything, also wisely added his own philanthropic element to the experiment by partnering with online retailer Ridge, which will donate $15,000 to his off-road wheelchair company.

So, just how bulletproof is the Cybertruck? Well, I won’t spoil the whole vid, but let’s just say it’s durable enough for a few rounds from a 9mm, a .22 — and maybe some other firearms.

“If Al Capone showed up with a Tommy gun and emptied the entire magazine into the car door, you would still be alive,” Elon Musk said in 2019. Maybe, but only if Capone was dumb enough not to try the windows. (Don’t worry, this YouTube tests the theory.) Those barely stopped a well-thrown metal ball, as shown during the hilarious backfire of Elon Musk’s unveiling event in Austin, Texas, 5 years ago.

Now if we could only find a YouTuber willing to set off an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) next to the CYBERCYLENT EMP Faraday Car Cover.

It’s all for science and accountability, right?

Runtime: 14 minutes (the action starts around 2 minutes)


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