In the First Trailer for Netflix’s Atlas, Jennifer Lopez Gets in the Damn Robot

Jennifer Lopez Atlas Netflix

Image: Netflix

The first teaser for Netflix’s Atlas is giving major Titanfall vibes… except starring Jennifer Lopez. Directed by Brad Peyton, the sci-fi action film brings us Lopez in bombastic badass mode—clad in a mech suit as she jumps right into battle against the futuristic, war-torn backdrop of an unknown dystopia. It’s very reminiscent of Titanfall’s mech suit fights and parkour stunts around sci-fi cities in the video games.

The J-lowdown of the film from Netflix is that Atlas Shepherd (Lopez) is “a brilliant but misanthropic data analyst with a deep distrust of artificial intelligence [who] joins a mission to capture a renegade robot with whom she shares a mysterious past. But when plans go awry, her only hope of saving the future of humanity from AI is to trust it.” The film will premiere on the streamer Memorial Day, May 24.

Check out the trailer below to see Lopez in sci-fi action:

Who doesn’t love mech suit action? There’s also some glimpses of the supporting cast, including Shang-Chi’s Simu Liu looking like a baddie, and recent Academy Award nominee Sterling K. Brown looking mighty concerned. The film also stars Gregory James Cohan, Abraham Popoola, Lana Parrilla, and Mark Strong.

Watch Atlas on Netflix May 24.

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