How a TikTok Ban Would Play Out

How a TikTok Ban Would Play Out

Lauren Goode: Makena, as our guest of honor and in-house TikTok expert, what’s your recommendation?

Makena Kelly: Oh, man. I am back in the office for the first time in a while, and I think my recommendation, ooh, this sucks, I feel bad saying this, is going into the office a little bit, mostly because I feel very good about my choice to come in today. I had to, A, but also, B—

Lauren Goode: Makena, blink twice if management is in the room with you.

Makena Kelly: It’s the security guard from earlier. But no, right now, a lot of our other Condé magazines are trying out new products and stuff, and they’re putting it on the kitchen table. And I think I snagged a hundred dollars worth of skincare today, and it’s in my bag ready to take home. So there are some perks to going into the office, that’s my recommendation.

Lauren Goode: That is definitely the perk of working next to other brands such as Vogue and Allure. At WIRED, we’re like, “Here’s a battery pack that someone didn’t need.” And you go to the New York office and there’s all kinds of fancy stuff.

Michael Calore: Yeah. It’s also, you’re telling people to go back to the office so they can get all the goodies from the other Condé Nast brands.

Makena Kelly: Yeah. This is purely Condé certified.

Lauren Goode: Makena’s not like, “Wow, my collaboration just went”—you’re not saying, “Oh, my productivity or collaboration just went through the roof”” It’s, “Come get this swag.”

Makena Kelly: Mm-hmm.

Lauren Goode: All right.

Makena Kelly: My productivity has not been the best today.

Lauren Goode: Well, you’ve got a lot going on. You were also on TV earlier today, right?

Makena Kelly: Yeah. Yep. That was at two, and then, I was on radio just before I came here.

Lauren Goode: Well, it sounds like a pretty good day at the office.

Makena Kelly: Yeah, it’s fun.

Lauren Goode: Thanks for that recommendation.

Makena Kelly: Yes.

Lauren Goode: So Makena, do you think you’re going to make this a regular thing?

Makena Kelly: I think I have to because we’re working on some stuff here in the office that I do need to be here for that I cannot talk about yet.

Lauren Goode: I like this tease.

Michael Calore: Yeah. Solid.

Lauren Goode: You’re going to have to come back on the show when you’re ready to talk about it.

Makena Kelly: Yes.

Lauren Goode: Mike, what’s your recommendation?

Michael Calore: My recommendation is, now bear with me here, it is multivitamin drink mix.

Lauren Goode: OK. You guys are all on the wellness train today. Tell me more.

Michael Calore: This is important because right now is the time when we’re just through … the winter months are ending, we’re just through that period where everybody that we know is sick, so we’re letting our guard down. It’s very important to not let your guard down. In fact, you should keep your defenses up, and a great way to do that is to add some multivitamin drink mix to your water that you drink.


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