Faraday Future survives long enough to issue its first recall

Troubled EV startup Faraday Future has issued its first recall, covering all 11 vehicles it built last year, as it fights to hold onto its Los Angeles headquarters.

The recall centers around a problem with the warning light for the airbags in Faraday Future’s FF91 SUV. The company apparently discovered that an error in the car’s software could prevent the warning light from turning on if there is a problem with the airbags.

Faraday Future says it will “schedule concierge pick up, and redelivery, of the owners’ vehicles” to fix the software. So far, the earliest customers have been celebrities like Selling Sunset’s Jason Oppenheim, and (yes, seriously) singer Chris Brown.

The recall comes as Faraday appears to be extremely low on cash. The landlord of its LA headquarters is trying to evict the startup after Faraday missed multiple lease payments. (A hearing is scheduled for early April.) Faraday has furloughed or cut the salaries of many of its remaining employees — cost-saving measures it recently extended through mid-to-late March, according to emails viewed by TechCrunch.

Still, it is remarkable that after nearly 10 years and close to $4 billion in losses, Faraday Future has even made it to the point that it needs to issue a recall at all.