E-Bike Fun for More Than One

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The urban e-bike lifestyle has never looked so fun. In its new collection of e-bikes, ModBikes offers a tempting throwback: a 42-pound sidecar that attaches to the Austin, Texas-based company’s upgraded cruiser. Between the vintage aesthetic, 50-mile battery range, and a sidecar big enough for a (small) grandmother, this bike-and-sidecar combo combines modern tech with analog nostalgia.

In addition to the sidecar, the company’s new e-bike collection also includes a foldable “adventure bike,” the dual battery Mod Cargo 1 for extended range, and an updated commuter bike, the Mod Berlin 2.

It all debuts this week at the South by Southwest Creative Industries Expo, but no worries if you’re not in Austin for the event. These sweet new bikes are already available online.

ModBikes: Easy SideCar 3

The sidecar, while cool, is essentially an add-on to ModBikes’ updated Easy 3 e-bike. With 750W hub motors and a single, fully charged battery (a Samsung 48V 15A), the bike can reach 28 mph and provides up to 50 miles of assisted pedaling. However, you can opt for a dual-battery option to double that range.

That’s not a bad idea if you add on the sidecar, which will certainly reduce that range with the extra weight of a furry friend, child, or “small human,” as the brand’s release video says. It’s meant to carry up to 150 pounds and offers several safety features to keep passengers safe.

That includes a sidestep for climbing inside, a D-ring to keep pets from leaping back out, and a leather seat and seat belt to secure small children. As for assembly, a mounting plate with three quick-release pins makes attaching and detaching the sidecar “a breeze,” ModBikes said.

As for the bike itself, it comes with five riding modes: Fit, Eco, Cargo, Sport, and Turbo. There’s even a handbrake to help with parking on a slope.

A Mod Easy Sidecar 3 and Mod Easy 3; (photo/ModBikes)

ModBikes: Pricing & Availability

The Mod Easy 3 e-bike will set you back $3,290, while the Mod Easy SideCar 3 (including bike and sidecar) is $4,190.

If that sounds steep, but you’re intrigued by the company’s designs, consider checking the previous generation: the Mod Easy SideCar 2. It’s currently on sale for $3,690. It’s a similar design, just heavier and with fewer features than the latest model. Check out the ModBikes website for more information.