As Meta’s Instagram, Facebook and Threads all went down this morning, Discord is now also experiencing issues and is down for some users. The company’s status website states that it is currently looking at the issue.

According to third party monitoring website DownDetector, the issues began at around 10:50 AM ET. Users are reporting that they are unable to load messages, while others say the are unable to access the service at all.

“We have identified the internal rate-limit and are temporarily bypassing it to allow pending sessions to start,” the company’s status page reads.

TechCrunch has reached out to Discord to learn more about the outage.

Given the outages across multiple social media services this morning, some people are sharing suspicions regarding the origins of the outage, mainly because today is Super Tuesday and people across a number of U.S. states are voting in the primary. The outages will make it harder for candidates to continue their outreach and remind people to head to the polls on an important day.

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