Cybertruck EMP Attack Protection — Preppers, Rejoice

Cybertruck EMP Attack Protection — Preppers, Rejoice

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The Mission Darkness CYBERCYLENT EMP Faraday Car Cover, while a mouthful of a name, is a doomsday prepper’s new best friend. All vehicles these days, especially EVs like the Cybertruck, have loads of computers in them. As such, they are susceptible to electromagnetic pulse (EMP) and radio frequency (RF) attacks, which could disable the vehicle.

This “car cover” is more of an indoor tent for your vehicle. It is designed specifically to turn your vehicle into a “fortress,” completely isolated from all outside signals.

Mission Darkness’s pitch: “Whether your goal is to protect your vehicle from an EMP catastrophe or shield it from electronic espionage, the Mission Darkness CYBERCYLENT EMP Faraday Car Cover stands as your definitive safeguard.”

Attacks on Your Vehicle

An EMP is a sudden surge of electromagnetic energy. These surges can come from natural phenomena like solar storms or lightning. They can also come from human-made sources, like nuclear weapons and power line surges. EMPs have the ability to render electrical components and vehicles inoperative.

If you’ve ever seen the movie “Oceans 11,” you might remember the scene where an EMP device, called the Pinch, is used to take out the electric grid in Las Vegas. Sure, it’s wildly inaccurate, but you get the idea.

Also, hackers could try to attack your vehicle via Wi-Fi, cell signals, or Bluetooth. Nearly all modern vehicles are connected to the cloud in some way, and hence susceptible to remote hacks.

When doomsday arrives, you might want to have a vehicle for long-range mobility. A Mission Darkness Faraday Car Cover can help with that mission.

Mission Darkness CYBERCYLENT EMP Faraday Car Cover
(Photo/Mission Darkness)

Doomsday Car Cover

Mission Darkness Faraday tents are used by military and law enforcement digital forensics professionals. The CYBERCYLENT EMP Faraday Car Cover uses all the same tech and materials to protect your Cybertruck, or similar-sized vehicle.

This Faraday car cover is made of multiple layers of TitanRF Fabric and Tape. Mission Darkness says the materials are lab-certified at blocking “WiFi (2.4 & 5GHz), Bluetooth, cell signals including 5G networks, GPS, RFID, NFC, and radio signals from low MHz to 40GHz.” The company also says the car cover “shields against damaging effects of a high-altitude electromagnetic pulse (HEMP/EMP), coronal mass ejection (CME), solar flare, and radio frequency signal intrusions.”

Mission Darkness CYBERCYLENT EMP Faraday Car Cover
(Photo/Mission Darkness)

Besides the TitanRF Fabric, the CYBERCYLENT car cover is made with carbon fiber rods and aluminum connectors. Then, adjustable Velcro tension straps are used to cinch the fabric to the frame. The CYBERCYLENT EMP Faraday Car Cover is 7’6″ high by 9′ wide by 21′ long.

Mission Darkness CYBERCYLENT EMP Faraday Car Cover
(Photo/Mission Darkness)


While the car cover that’s more of a tent can protect whatever is inside of it from all sorts of outside signals, it doesn’t sound like it can protect from much else.

Some of the warnings Mission Darkness gives for this product include keeping it away from any source of electricity, as the fabric is conductive and flammable. It also says the “delicate material” should not be moved or reassembled often, and should be “used and stored exclusively within a dry, indoor environment.” The included floor mats are also a must “to prevent vehicle tires or movement from ripping the fabric.”

Oh, and you should wear protective gloves when handling the fabric — we’re not sure if that’s for the fabric or your hand’s sake, however.

Mission Darkness CYBERCYLENT EMP Faraday Car Cover
(Photo/Mission Darkness)

CYBERCYLENT EMP Faraday Car Cover Pricing & Availability

While Mission Darkness offers its EMP Faraday Car Covers in a variety of sizes, the big one designed for vehicles like the Tesla Cybertruck, the CYBERCYLENT, will run you $15,000. The Mission Darkness car covers start at $9,500, while you can get a motorcycle cover for $2,950.

There is a 5-6-week lead time on orders, as each Mission Darkness CYBERCYLENT EMP Faraday Car Cover is made to order in the USA.


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