Best Online Mattress of 2024

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Your old worn out mattress could be affecting your sleep. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a lack of sleep can contribute to several chronic diseases and conditions, including heart disease and depression. Upgrading your mattress is a great way to improve your sleep and the overall quality of your life. And buying a new mattress has never been easier.

No more awkward showroom visits where you roll around on beds in front of strangers: You can research and order your next bed from the comfort of your own home. The convenience and numerous options make ordering their next bed online a no-brainer for many people. There are over 100 online mattress brands to choose from, however, so there is a lot to sort through. With years of testing experience under our belts, we selected the best online mattresses you can buy now. 

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Best online mattresses of 2024

Mattress price scale:

$ = Budget: $799 and below

$$ = Average: $800 to $1,699

$$$ = Premium: $1,700 and up

These reflect MSRP or list prices. Sales might make a mattress less expensive, but are always changing.

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Type Memory foam mattressFirmness Medium-firmTrial 365 nightsWarranty Forever warrantyPrice $$ Price $

Why we chose the Nectar mattress:

If you love the way memory foam feels, then the Nectar mattress is for you. It has a true memory foam feel that sucks you into a you-shaped cocoon as you settle into the bed. The memory foam of the Nectar mattress reminds me of a Tempur-Pedic bed. It will take a little more effort to move around on because of how slow-responding the memory foam is, but that’s a trade-off that many people are willing to make. 

While testing, we found it to be a medium to medium-firm or six on our firmness scale. It’s supportive enough for stomach and back sleepers without sacrificing comfort. Side sleepers will love the pressure relief. It’s a good choice for the average person, but if you have a larger body type, you may want to choose the hybrid Nectar mattress, which has a mix of coils and foams. 

One of the best parts about the Nectar mattress is its affordability. Nectar is a very straightforward memory foam mattress that’s also really comfortable. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of something like Tempur-Pedic, but you can’t beat it at this price.

Learn more about this bed in our Nectar mattress review. 


  • Memory foam that cradles your body
  • Affordable even without sales
  • Firmer profile leans toward back and stomach sleepers


  • It might be hard to switch positions because of how dense the foam is
  • Potentially too firm for some side sleepers
  • Heavier body types want to choose the hybrid version

Nectar Memory Foam

Jonathan Gomez/CNET

Type Responsive latex hybridFirmness Medium to medium-firm or 6 to 7Warranty Lifetime warrantyTrial 120 nightsPrice $$$

Why we chose the Nolah Natural mattress:

The Nolah Natural mattress is the best online latex mattress, thanks to the primary comfort layer of natural Talalay latex foam. If you’ve never had a latex foam bed, the feeling is entirely different from memory foam. This bed has an extremely bouncy and responsive feel that you don’t sink very far into, something that’s expected from latex foam. 

Latex foam hybrid mattresses tend to be pretty firm, often too much for side sleepers. The Nolah Natural is a better option for side sleepers as it’s a medium to medium-firm or six on our scale. It still might be too firm for a petite side sleeper, but otherwise, it’s generally pretty accommodating and great for stomach, back and combo sleepers. 

Made with natural and organic materials like organic cotton cover and organic wool, the Nolah Natural mattress will sleep temperature neutral. Natural mattresses tend to be a little more expensive, but the Nolah Natural bed is one of the most affordable you can get. 


  • Medium to medium-firm profile
  • Latex foam is naturally more breathable 
  • Natural and organic materials 


  • It may be too firm for some side sleepers 

Nolah Natural 11″

Type Hyper-Elastic Polymer mattressFirmness Medium or 5Trial 100 nightsWarranty 10-year warranty Price $$

Why we chose the Purple mattress: 

There is no question that Purple is the most unusual online mattress you can buy. If you’ve never slept on a Purple mattress before, it’s hard to convey what it feels like. The Purple grid, which makes up the top 2-inch layer of the flagship mattress, is a stretchy, almost jelly-like material. It’s what gives Purple its signature squishy feel. It’s incredibly pressure-relieving when you lie down on it; you almost feel buoyant in the grid. 

The Original Purple mattress is about a medium or five on our firmness scale, making it a good choice for just about any sleeper type. Stomach and back sleepers may want to opt for a different model from Purple for a firmer feel. 

Purple offers extremely comfortable and unique mattresses. The Original Purple is the most affordable from that brand. Purple offers something you can’t get anywhere else. 

Learn more about this bed in our Purple Mattress Review. 


  • The Purple grid is extremely breathable 
  • A great balance between support and pressure relief 
  • One-of-a-kind feel


  • The feel is polarizing. You either love it or hate it
  • Without sales, Purple beds may be out of budget for some

Purple Original Mattress

Jonathan Gomez/CNET

Type Hybrid mattressFirmness 3 firmness levels | Soft: 3 or Medium-soft | Medium: 5 or Medium | Firm: Medium-firm or 7Trial 120 nightsWarranty 10-year limited warranty Price $$$

Why we chose the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe:

You can’t get quality sleep if you frequently wake up from overheating. The Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe is undoubtedly one of the coolest beds we’ve tested, thanks to the CopperFlex foam and Titan Cool cover. Not only that, but it’s a robust, high-quality mattress with a neutral foam feel that anyone can sleep on. 

Another point in Aurora Luxe’s favor is that it’s available in three firmness levels: Soft (medium-soft or three), Medium (Medium or five) and Firm (medium-firm or seven). I’m always happy to see brands offer mattresses in different firmness levels, allowing anyone to find a version that works for them. 

The cooling technology and five-layer hybrid construction raise the price of the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe mattress, but if you’re a hot sleeper, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better option. 

Learn more about this bed in our Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe mattress review. 


  • Cooling tech feels physically cool
  • Multiple firmness options offer versatility 
  • Hybrid design is suitable for any body type
  • Neutral-foam feel


  • On the expensive side, without sales
  • Cooling technology is only necessary if you sleep hot

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe

Jonathan Gomez/CNET

Type Hybrid mattressFirmness 3 firmness levels | Plush Soft: Medium or 5 | Luxury Firm: Medium-firm or 7 | Firm: 9/10 or firmTrial 365 nightsWarranty Lifetime warranty Price $$

Why we chose the Saatva classic mattress:

Saatva is known for really durable, high-quality mattresses. That’s why the Saatva Classic is our pick for the best pillow-top online mattress. It’s an excellent choice for people who want to maximize support without sacrificing comfort. The plush pillow top keeps you comfortable, while the dual-layer coils make it extra-durable and supportive. 

With two coil layers, you might be worried that this bed might be too firm for you. The Saatva Classic mattress is available in three firmness levels: Plush Soft (medium or five), Luxury Firm (medium-firm or seven) and Firm (firm or nine). 

Overall, if you’re a fan of old-school innerspring mattresses but want some serious upgrades, you’ll like the Saatva classic mattress. Few mattresses compare to it in terms of durability. It has fantastic edge support, solid motion isolation and sleeps temperature neutral. 

Learn more about this bed in our Saatva Classic mattress review. 


  • Dual-layer innerspring system
  • Neutral feel that’s extremely responsive 
  • Multiple firmness options
  • A top choice for heavier body types


  • It may be too much for petite sleepers
  • Not a budget choice

Saatva Classic

* Pricing based on Queen model

Jonathan Gomez/CNET

Type Poly foam hybrid mattressFirmness 5 or mediumTrial 100 nightsWarranty 15-year limited warranty

Why we chose the Helix Midnight mattress: 

When it comes to customization in the mattress industry, no one does it quite like Helix. The brand offers a mattress quiz that matches you with a mattress from the extensive catalog of core models and upgraded counterparts. 

The Helix Midnight bed is a durable hybrid mattress supporting any body type. It has a neutral foam feel, so you get the comfort and pressure relief from the memory foam layers, but you won’t get the stuck-in-the-mud feeling that many people want to avoid. The medium firmness of the Helix Midnight is what makes it accommodating to just about anyone out there. You get support from the coils and plenty of body contouring cushion thanks to the foam. 

Helix offers the Helix Midnight mattress as a base model or the upgraded Helix Midnight Luxe mattress, which has a fluffy topper. You also have the chance to add a cooling cover or cooling pillow top to the Helix Midnight bed. 

Learn more about this bed in our Helix mattress review. 


  • Helix mattress quiz matches you with your perfect bed
  • Durable hybrid construction 
  • Neutral foam feel


Helix Midnight

Jonathan Gomez/CNET

Type Flippable memory foam mattressFirmness Firm: Medium to medium-firm or 6 | Soft: 3 or medium-softTrial 120 nightsWarranty Lifetime warranty Price $$

Why we chose the Layla mattress: 

Flippable mattresses aren’t all that common in the mattress industry, but Layla is the best you can get. Not only is it one of the most aesthetically pleasing mattresses with the signature honeycomb pattern, but the Layla mattress is also an extremely comfortable and affordable all-foam mattress. 

The Layla mattress has a light, airy memory foam feel when compared to the likes of Nectar or Amerisleep. This means it’s going to be easy to switch positions, and you won’t feel like you’ve been sucked into the bed. 

Where the Layla mattress stands out is the flippable design that offers two firmness options. There is a firm and a soft side, with a notable difference between the two. The soft side is about a medium-soft or three on our scale, and the firmer side is a medium-firm to firm or six. 

Learn more about this bed in our Layla mattress review. 


  • The flippable design gives you two firmness options 
  • Airy memory foam feel
  • Suitable for any type of sleeper
  • CertiPUR-US certified foam


  • Not supportive enough for people over 230 pounds

Layla Memory Foam

$150 off Memory Foam Mattress + 2 FREE Pillow

Why we chose the Allswell Luxe mattress: 

Mattresses are a significant financial investment, although there are several solid budget options to consider, the best of which is the Allswell Luxe mattress. 

The Allswell Luxe is an upgraded version of the Allswell Hybrid bed with an additional foam layer that gives it a neutral feel that most people will like. We rate about a medium or five on our firmness scale. The coil base gives it a nice bouncy feel, but the memory foam layers still make sure it contours to your body. 

Overall, the Allswell Luxe mattress isn’t pulling out any tricks, but for less than $400, you’ll be hard-pressed to find another hybrid bed that’s as dependable and versatile. 

Learn more about this bed in our Allswell Luxe mattress review. 


  • Affordable
  • Medium firmness is good for any sleeper-type 
  • Durable hybrid construction 


  • Might not be firm enough for strict back sleepers

The Allswell 12″ Luxe Hybrid Mattress, Queen

Jonathan Gomez/CNET

Type Neutral foam mattressFirmness Medium to medium-firmTrial 120 nightsWarranty 10-year limited warrantyPrice $

Why we chose the Dreamfoam Doze mattress:

If you’re on a tight budget, you might be worried you won’t be able to find a good mattress in your price range. The Dreamfoam Doze mattress is a comfortable all-foam mattress that starts at $240. 

The Dreamfoam Doze mattress has a neutral foam feel, which is a safe choice for most people, especially those who don’t know what they want. This bed is available in three height profiles (7, 9 and 11 inches), with the beds getting softer as you get taller. Those who want a firm budget bed should stick with either the 7-inch (firm) or the 9-inch (medium-firm). The 11-inch will be the softest option. 

You aren’t going to get all the bells and whistles that other beds might have, but the Dreamfoam Doze mattress is a nice bed that’s surprisingly comfortable. 

For more on this bed, read our Dreamfoam Doze mattress review. 


  • Ultra budget pick
  • Three thickness options 


  • No extra features
  • Maybe not the best choice for 250 pounds

Dreamfoam Doze Mattress

Best online mattresses compared

Mattress Mattress Type Price (Queen MSRP) Sleep trial Warranty
Nectar Memory foam $1,099 365 nights Forever warranty
Nolah Natural Hybrid $2,099 120 nights Lifetime warranty
Purple Original Hyper-elastic polymer $1,499 100 nights 10-year warranty
Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe Hybrid $2,265 120 nights 10-year limited warranty
Saatva Classic Hybrid $1,995 365 nights Lifetime warranty
Helix Midnight Polyfoam hybrid $1,374 100 nights 15-year limited warranty
Layla Flippable memory foam $1,099 120 nights Lifetime warranty
Allswell Luxe Hybrid $387 100 nights 10-year limited warranty
Dreamfoam Doze Foam $240 120 nights 10-year limited warranty

Other online mattresses we’ve tested

We’ve tested hundreds of mattresses over the years, many of which are great beds. That said, they couldn’t all make this best online mattress list. There are some still worth mentioning if you’re still unsure what is best for you. 

Leesa Original: If you’re looking for a safe bet, the Leesa Original mattress is one of the most accommodating foam beds you’ll find. It has a neutral, bouncy feel that almost feels more like an innerspring bed instead of a memory foam mattress. 

DreamCloud: The DreamCloud mattress is one of our favorite beds, thanks to the thick, plush pillow top that seriously feels like sleeping on a cloud. It has a mix of coils and memory foam, but you don’t have to worry about the syrupy feel that some memory foam beds have. 

How we test online mattresses

Our CNET sleep team has researched and tested hundreds of mattresses over our years of testing. During that time, we’ve developed testing methods for each mattress to assess it for key performance features like motion isolation and edge support. We also compare each bed we test so we have a complete picture of the firmnesses out there and what category of feel each bed falls under. 

We use our extensive experience to choose the beds for this list with every person in mind. Each superlative is selected to represent a category of people best so you can quickly sort through the list and see what best describes your needs.

CNET editors pick the products and services we write about based on editorial merit. When you buy through our links, we may get a commission. Learn more about how we test mattresses. 

CNET staff member testing the edge support of the Allswell Luxe mattress.

Jonathan Gomez/CNET

Things to consider when shopping for an online mattress

There is no single best mattress that will work for everyone. We are all different shapes and sizes and have different needs that our beds need to offer so we can sleep well. When you decide to shop for your next mattress, keeping these critical factors in mind will help you narrow your search. 

Sleeping position

Your sleeping position is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing which online mattress to buy. How you sleep will determine how firm of a mattress you’ll need. 

  • Side sleepers need a mattress that’s soft enough to cradle their curves and not create pressure points on the shoulders, hips and knees. 
  • Stomach and back sleepers will need a firmer mattress so you get enough support to keep your spine in a neutral position. That’s not to say you need the firmest mattress out there, although I recommend at least a medium to medium-firm (six) and up.
  • Combo sleepers have the most versatility in the firmness they select. If you don’t know what to choose, it’s best to make your firm decision based on what position you spend the most time in. 

Body type

Your body type also will help you choose your next mattress. Heavier body types (over 230 pounds) need more support and durability from their mattresses, so we always recommend a hybrid construction. It will be the best value for your money in the long run. 

Your weight also changes how firm a mattress will seem. We rate our firmness levels based on the average body type. Petite body types (under 150 pounds) will put the least pressure on the mattresses, making them feel firmer. If we say a bed in a medium, it may feel more like a medium to medium-firm to them. The inverse is true for heavier body types. Beds will feel softer because more pressure will be put on them. 

Medical needs

Another important thing to remember when shopping for an online mattress is any medical conditions or needs you have. For instance, if you are a hot sleeper or have hot flashes, you should look for a bed with some cooling technology, like a cooling cover or infused foam layers. 

If you have back pain, you’ll want to take care when choosing your next bed. For back pain, it’s generally best to have a firmer mattress that will keep your spine in a neutral position. You may also want to check out beds with a zoned support construction. Alternatively, joint pain will call for pressure relief that softer mattresses offer. 


There are a ton of online mattresses to sort through. Identifying how much you’re willing to spend will help narrow your options into more manageable chunks. The average online bed ranges from $800 to $1,200, though some beds are as low as $300 or luxury options well over $2,000. 

CNET staff testing the edge support of the Layla mattress

Jonathan Gomez/CNET

Why should you buy a mattress online?

There’s a lot to be said for being able to lie down on a bed before you buy it. For some people, it’s a must before they buy a bed, which may keep them from buying a bed online. Online exclusive mattress sales can help you save hundreds on your next bed. For beds you can test in-store, like Casper and Tempurpedic, you can still buy them online to take advantage of online pricing. 

If you’re still on the fence about getting an online mattress without testing it first, you should know that almost every brand offers sleep trials that allow you to test the bed out. How long you have to decide if the bed is right for you under the trial depends on the brand; some are 100 nights, and others are as long as 365 nights. 

If you decide the mattress isn’t right, you can return it within the trial and get your money back. It might take a little coordination with the company to arrange for pick-up. Some brands, like Saatva, require a processing fee to pick up a returned bed.  

Common online mattress materials 

Let’s talk about some of the most popular materials you’ll find online mattresses. Although I have listed them separately, many beds include several types of materials, as is the case for hybrid beds that feature coils and foam layers. 

Memory foam: Memory foam is among the most popular online mattress materials. It’s loved by people who want their beds to contour to their curves and create a cocoon around them as they sleep. The trade-off is that some memory foam is dense and hard to move around on. 

Polyurethane foam: Another type often used in mattresses is polyurethane foam. It’s not quite as dense and slow-moving as memory foam; it has more of a neutral feel that’s not very polarizing. It’s the classic foam feel that the average person will like. 

Latex foam: This type of foam is often naturally made by harvesting the sap of a rubber tree, although synthetic latex is also popular. Latex foam is antimicrobial and hypoallergenic, making it a popular option. It’s a responsive and bouncy material, but it tends to be firmer than other types of foam. 

Pocketed coils/innerspring: To give mattresses durability and support, many brands add pocketed coils or an innerspring to their beds. Pocketed coils tend to isolate movement a little better than traditional inner springs, but both are great options for people who want a bed that’s going to last. 

Hyper-elastic polymer: You’ll only find hyper-elastic polymer in Purple mattresses. It’s a supportive, gel-like material that’s super stretchy. The Purple grid gives the bed a unique feel you won’t get anywhere else. It’s almost like you’re buoyant when you lie on the bed. 

Organic cotton/wool: Many online organic mattresses include organic cotton or wool in their covers, giving the bed a soft feel. 

Construction of the Purple Mattress

Jonathan Gomez/CNET

For many people, there is no beating the convenience of buying an online mattress for many people. You don’t have to leave your house, and it is delivered right to your door. Depending on the bed, it will arrive in a box, or the brand may even offer white hand delivery and put it in your bedroom. 

Online mattresses also have sleep trials that help you feel more secure in purchasing. The duration will vary by brand, but you can get your money back within that period if you don’t like the bed. 

You will often pay less for an online mattress than you would if you bought one in-store. Buying online cuts out the middleman and lowers the prices as you aren’t buying it from a brick-and-mortar store with overhead costs they have to cover. 

There are also nearly always online mattress sales to take advantage of that are often not available in-store.

There is a lot of price variety in the mattress industry. While the average mattress costs around $800 to $1,200, many beds fall well outside this range. For instance, the Dreamfoam Doze, an excellent budget bed, costs under $300. In contrast, some luxury Purple mattresses cost upwards of $5,000.