Best Luxury Mattress in 2024

$665 at DreamCloud


DreamCloud Hybrid

Best luxury hybrid mattress

$200 off + $599 of Premium Accessories

The average mattress nowadays retails around the $800 to $1,000 range, but some people are willing to invest a little more in a mattress to get the ultimate good night’s sleep. This is especially true for people who live with special circumstances during the night, whether you sleep hot or live with back pain. It’s never a bad idea to buy a luxury mattress if you have the means to do it, as sleep is such a vital part of our mental and physical health. 

The best luxury mattress should have a strong construction, a comfortable feel that makes it impossible to get out of bed and a little something special to make it worth the extra money you’re spending on it. All of the beds listed below in our best luxury mattress review could easily be found in five-star hotel rooms and were picked among a pool of over 100 beds that my team and I have tested. 

What is the overall best luxury mattress?

One of the nicest mattresses that balances quality construction, accommodating design, a comfortable feel and a reasonable price tag. It’s among the nicest beds we’ve tested at CNET, but it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Regardless of the position you sleep in or your body type, the WinkBed mattress is a great pick. 

Mattress price scale:

$ = Budget: $799 and below

$$ = Average: $800 to $1,699

$$$ = Premium: $1,700 and up

These reflect MSRP or list prices. Sales might make a mattress less expensive, but are always changing.

Type Hybrid mattressFirmness 3 firmness levels | Medium-soft or 3 | Medium or 5 | Medium-firm or 7Trial 120 nightsWarranty Lifetime warranty Price $$$

Why we chose the WinkBed mattress: The WinkBeds brand is meticulous about its mattress making in that it makes ultra-durable beds that remain sturdy, supportive and comfortable through a decade of everyday use. The WinkBed mattress is its flagship bed with a bright, fresh design that looks as luxurious as it feels. And the price tag is more reasonable than you’d think.

Inside the WinkBed are thick, durable pocketed coils with “extra edge” support around the perimeter of the bed. It’s also stacked with comfort layers and a fluffy Euro-top that gives it an extra touch of plushness. Available in three firmness levels, all sleeping positions can find an accommodating WinkBed mattress.


  • You can choose between multiple firmness levels
  • Accommodating for all body types
  • It’s one of the most affordable mattresses on our list


  • No split king option; you’ll have to buy two twin XL beds
  • Its trial is shorter than others on our list

WinkBed Mattress

Type Memory foam hybrid mattressFirmness Medium to medium-firm or 6Trial 365 nightsWarranty Lifetime warranty Price $$

Why we chose the DreamCloud Hybrid mattress: Everything about the DreamCloud hybrid mattress says luxury, from its quality, pocketed coil support layer to the light and airy cashmere-blend cover. Yeah, that’s right. You’d literally be sleeping on cashmere. The main comfort foam is memory foam, but it feels more like neutral-foam in that it bounces back quicker to pressure than traditional memory foam.

With the DreamCloud’s firmness level floating around a five to six on the firmness scale, it’s accommodating for most sleeping positions. My sister sleeps on a DreamCloud mattress and no longer likes sleeping on other beds because she doesn’t think they’re as comfortable.


  • It’s suitable for all sleeping positions
  • Its cover is partly made with cashmere
  • Good for all body types


  • Might be a little too firm for some side sleepers, especially if you’re petite

DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid

$200 off + $599 of Premium Accessories

Type Hybrid mattressFirmness 3 firmness levels | Plush Soft: Medium or 5 | Luxury Firm: Medium-firm or 7 | Firm: 9/10 or firmTrial 365 nightsWarranty Lifetime warranty Price $$

Why we chose the Saatva Classic mattress: The Saatva Classic mattress is unlike any other mattress on this list because it has one heck of a durable design. Instead of one layer of coils, it has two. Several layers are also zoned for targeted pressure relief and support, and there’s a Lumbar Spinal layer that keeps your back even more supported. This makes it a great pick for the best luxury mattress for back pain.

With three different firmness levels to choose from, it appeals to almost all sleeping positions. People who live with back pain should consider the medium-firm Luxury Firm model because it offers ample support without totally ditching pressure relief. You can pick between two height profiles.


  • Extra durable and supportive construction
  • Three firmness-level options to accommodate a range of sleepers
  • Two height options to pick from
  • Great for all body types


  • It’s more on the expensive end of the price spectrum
  • A little too firm for some strict side sleepers

Saatva Classic

* Pricing based on Queen model

Type Hybrid mattressFirmness 3 firmness levels | Soft: 3 or Medium-soft | Medium: 5 or Medium | Firm: Medium-firm or 7Trial 120 nightsWarranty 10-year limited warranty Price $$$

Why we chose the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe mattress: Brooklyn Bedding is one of my favorite brands because it offers high-quality mattresses at affordable prices. They also make an effective cooling mattress, and our threshold for dubbing a mattress “cool” is pretty high. It has a phase-change cover that actually feels cold, and it’s good at keeping sleepers from overheating.

Besides its cooling ability, it’s quite comfortable. It has a neutral-foam feel that isn’t divisive like dense memory foam can be. Like many other beds on our best luxury mattress list, sleepers have the option to pick between three firmness levels. The one downside is that you’ll have to fork out some more cash for this bed than other beds on this list, but some people (like hot sleepers) are willing to pay more for a good cooling mattress.


  • It’s good at cooling down hot sleepers
  • Multiple firmness levels to choose from
  • Good for all body types


  • Shorter trial and warranty periods than other brands on our list
  • You’ll have to buy two twin XL beds if you want a split king
  • Not worth the money for someone who doesn’t sleep hot

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe

Type HybridFirmness CustomizableTrial 100 nightsWarranty 15 years

Why we chose the Sleep Number Climate 360 mattress: This is the most expensive mattress I’ve ever tested, but it’s also unlike any other bed you’ve ever seen. It has all the bells and whistles you could ever want in a mattress and more. It has a temperature-regulating system that either cools the bed down or warms it up, an adjustable firmness level that changes between soft and firm, and a built-in adjustable bed frame that boasts even more features. Not to mention, it has a comfortable, responsive and neutral feel.

If you sleep with a partner, you can independently customize the feel and firmness of each side of the bed so it suits each of your specific needs. Let’s say you’re a hot-sleeping side sleeper and your partner is a cool-sleeping stomach sleeper; the Sleep Number Climate 360 can be adjusted to fit each of your needs via an easy-to-use Sleep Number app. It also has a sleep tracker built in that offers insights into your sleep patterns, movements, heart rate, breathing and more.


  • This mattress can do it all; completely customizable
  • It effectively cools down hot sleepers and warms cool sleepers
  • Good for all body types
  • Suits all sleeping positions


  • It’s very expensive
  • Shorter trial period and warranty than others on our list

Sleep Number Climate 360

Type Memory foam pillow top mattressFirmness Soft to medium-soft or 2 to 3Trial 100 nightsWarranty 15-year limited warranty Price $$$

Why we chose the Helix Sunset Luxe mattress: Many of the beds named on our Best Luxury Mattress list are a little too firm for side sleepers, but the Helix Sunset Luxe mattress is perfectly soft and plush for people who favor their side.

It has an airy and light pillow top and a durable, supportive hybrid construction with zoned-support coils. It isn’t slow to respond to pressure like memory foam, so it’s easy for side sleepers to flip positions. You can also opt for a cooling cover (it’ll cost extra) to help regulate temperature if you’re somebody who sleeps hot.


  • Soft and airy for side sleepers
  • Accommodates all body types
  • Hot sleepers can buy a cooling cover to help keep cool


  • Short trial and warranty period for a luxury mattress
  • Too soft for back or stomach sleepers

Helix Sunset Luxe

How we tested the best luxury mattresses

CNET editors pick the products and services we write about based on editorial merit. When you buy through our links, we may get a commission.

Our CNET mattress team has tested over 200 beds, and within that collection, a handful of mattresses stood out as the best luxury mattresses. Luxury mattresses are typically thick, durable and have some sort of extra features that make them stand out from the rest (and pricier than the average bed-in-a-box). When we were determining picks for the best luxury mattress, we took into account:

  • Accommodating firmness options.
  • Strong, hybrid construction to accommodate all body types.
  • How comfortable does it feel?
  • Are its extra features worth the money?

Factors to consider when picking the best luxury mattress

Firmness and sleeping position

Regardless of the type of mattress you’re looking for, it’s important to consider your sleeping position to help you determine the proper firmness for you. Side sleepers like soft mattresses, back and stomach sleepers favor firmer beds, and combo sleepers should opt for something in between.


A bed’s construction will help you determine whether it suits your body type. Hybrid beds are recommended for all body types but especially heavier sleepers because they are more supportive, durable and long-lasting.

Personal needs

If you’re spending a lot of money on the best luxury mattress, take into account your specific needs and how your new bed can address them. Beds with additional features come with higher price tags, and you want it to be worth the money.

If you sleep hot, consider a cooling mattress. If you live with back pain, you should find a mattress that incorporates different tech and constructions that target back pain.

  • WinkBeds
  • Saatva
  • Helix
  • Brooklyn Bedding
  • Sleep Number
  • DreamCloud

The average mattress costs around $1,000, but the price of a luxury mattress typically starts around the $1,800 range. You can buy a nice, 5-star hotel-quality bed for that price point and higher.