We all have plenty of devices to keep powered up every day so a good charging station is an essential purchase these days. And right now, you can pick one up from one of the biggest names in power-related accessories with the Anker MagGo Qi2 magnetic charging station discounted by 20% at Amazon. This device was only recently released, unveiled in January at CES, and today’s price is the lowest we’ve seen it go. Just be sure to clip the on-page coupon for the 20% discount and grab this eight-in-one device for $80 when you do. 

Wireless chargers are ideal if you want to avoid the hassle of having to constantly plug your phone into charge, especially if you tend to lose cables a lot. Anker’s magnetic charging station offers you auto-aligning magnetic charging, plus it also provides you with seven other ports and plugs for you to power up devices with. Those seven other charging options include three AC outlets, two USB-C ports and two USB-A ports, and you can use all eight at once. 

That means you can plop it on your desk and charge everything from your phone to your laptop. In fact, with up to 67-watt charging available, you can get a MacBook Air up to 50% in around 25 minutes using the high-powered USB-C slot, so it’s quite handy. Note that the charging speeds per port vary depending on how many other ports are in use, so you’ll experience slower charging speeds per device the more you plug in at once. 

As for the wireless charger, it’s Qi2-certified, meaning you get very speedy 15-watt charging, and it works with the latest iPhones as well, so you have no worries there. The whole thing is run by Anker’s internal chip, which optimizes charging and makes sure it’s safe and efficient and with heat dissipation considerations prevent overheating. 

Overall, it’s a pretty solid device if you’re looking for something that can handle multiple devices and charge at a high capacity. So if you’ve recently nabbed a new phone deal and want a modern charging station to go with it, this Anker device is a great option. 

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