Andrew Tate Arrested Thanks to His Streamer Friend’s Big Mouth

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Andrew Tate, the social media influencer with a huge following of teenage boys, has found himself in legal trouble again, and it’s for the dumbest reason.

Tate, and his brother Tristan Tate, were detained Monday in Bucharest, Romania by UK police, according to a report from the BBC Tuesday. The arrest warrant for the Tates reportedly stems from an investigation into fresh allegations of rape and human trafficking. A Romanian judge ruled that the brothers can be extradited to the UK after the conclusion of their trial in Romania. The Tates have since been released from custody, once again.

Both brothers are currently awaiting trial over separate charges of sex trafficking, rape, and forming a criminal group, which led to their arrest in December 2022. The Tates were in jail for most of 2023, but they eventually were put under house arrest and then allowed to move freely within Romania.

What led to the arrest of the Tates by the UK police is reportedly a clip from Adin Ross, a fellow influencer with legions of teen boy fans, who livestreamed a message from Tate saying he was going to “be leaving Romania soon and probably never coming back” and suggested Ross should come over to hang out, as reported by Rolling Stone. The implication was that Tate was going to go on the run.

McCue Law, the firm representing the British women accusing Tate of rape and abuse, released a press release Tuesday confirming they received information of the Tates possibly leaving the country. The firm notified British police to seek an arrest warrant.

Ross was instrumental in the rapid rise in popularity for Tate. He, along with the brothers, have done livestreams together for years as they drink liquor, smoke cigars, talk about women being trash, and reaffirm to their young audience how “alpha” they are because that’s what “alpha males” do.

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